2016 - 2018
Turps Banana: Studio Painter
Darbyshire Prize For Emerging Artist’s Recipient

2015 - 2016 
MAFA Chelsea College of Art
John Hoyland Scholarship Recipient


Rome Art Program Scholarship
Rome, Italy

John Hoyland Scholarship
Chelsea College of Art

Darbyshire Prize For Emerging Art
presented by Darbyshire Ltd. & Turps Banana

Overall Delphian Open Call Winner

Delphian Gallery

Artpiquer Painting Award Finalist

Overall Tagsmart Open Call Winner

SPACE Artists Grant


Collective Ending Inaugural Studio Member
2019 - 2020

Absent Minded Residency
organised by Alia Hamaoui & Collective Ending
Galliac, France

Panorama Residency
Chelsea College of Art
Guadalajara, Mexico

Artist In Residence at Rimbun Dahan
Kula Lumpar, Malyasia


Ancient Deities
Presented with Arusha Gallery

Artists:Rhiannon Rebecca Salisbury | Leo Robinson | Paige Perkins | Byzantia Harlow | Matt Macken | Norman Hyams | Victor Seaward | Lindsey Mendick | Jake Grewal | Lena Brazin | Ella Walker | Tahmina Negmat | Charlotte Edey | Michaela Yearwood-Dan | Jessica Wetherly | Billy Fraser | Alia Hamaoui | Rebecca Harper

Material Gods, essay to accompany Ancient Deities, Hussein Mitha, Sep 09, 2020

Solo Shows

Delphian Gallery
July 2021

Habitual Submission
Delphian Gallery
September 2019

Rhiannon Salisbury Darbyshire Prize For Emerging Artists
Presented by Darbyshire Ltd & Turps Banana
November  2018
Accessorise With A Tiger
Arusha Gallery
September 2018   

A Beginners Guide To Druid Meditation
Punctum Space, Chelsea College of Art
November 2016

Selected Group Exhibitions

Delphian Gallery
June 2021

Antisocial Isolation
Delphian Gallery
Saatchi Gallery
29.11-2020 - 16.06.2021

Tangled In The Blue
Purslane Arts
13.12.2020 - 13.01.2021

House S1
Collective Ending
31.10.2020 - 12.12.2020

Ancient Deities
Arusha Gallery
10.09.2020 - 18.10.2020

We Could Apply Our Lipstick
C & C Gallery
July 2020

Soho Radio Culture Channel
The Silver Stream, Byzantia Harlow with Guest Collaborator Rhiannon Rebecca Salisbury
June 2020

The Sinister Figures
The Bunker presented by BuuBuu Studios
April 2020

Art On A Postcard: International Women’s Day Auction
The AllBright Mayfair
March 2020

House Warming
Collective Ending HQ
Decmeber 2019

A High Hang
Curated by Christabel MacGreevy and Mark Connolly 
December 2019

Arusha Gallery
Miami, Florida
December 2019   

Small Is Beautiful XXXVII
Flowers Gallery
November 2019

Ultra: Art For The Woman’s World Cup
Presented by OOF Magazine at J. Hammond Projects
June 2019

Art Car Boot Fair
OOF Magazine & J. Hammond Projects
June 2019

Delphian Open Call

Delphian Gallery
April 2019

Curated by James Capper, Charlie Mills, and Billy Fraser
Spit & Sawdust
February 2019

Small Is Beautiful XXXVI
Flowers Gallery
November 2018

Paper Cuts
Curated by Kris Day
Saatchi Gallery
November 2018 

Young London Painters
Curated By Hector Campbell
Arthill Gallery
November 2018

New Work Part III: SUBJECT
COB Gallery, London
November 2018 

Extended Call Pt. 3
Subsidary Projects, London
September 2018 

While Supplies Last
Curated by Anthony White
Gift Shop Gallery, International District Seattle
August 2018

Turps Leavers Show
Paul Stolper Gallery, London
August 2018

Extended Call II
The Parasite: Royal College of Art, London
September 2018
Set 24
Turps Painters
Curated by Rhiannon Rebecca Salisbury and Craig Lee
The Old Newington Library London
July 2018   

Artist Of The Day
Selected By Phillip Allen
Flowers Gallery, Mayfair, London
July 2018

Clerkenwell, London
May 2018

Art Car Boot Fair
Turps Banana
September 2017   

Creekside Open 2017
Selected by Jordan Baseman
A.P.T. Gallery, London 
July 2017

Paper Cuts
Curated by Kristian Day
Transition Gallery, London
November 2016 

MA Summer Show
Chelsea College of Arts, London
June 2016

Aqui y Alla
Cookhouse Gallery
Chelsea, London
April 2016

Selected by George Blacklock
Guadalajara University, Mexico
December 2015

Fly By the Seat of Your Pantsuit
Triangle Gallery, Chelsea College of Arts, London
September 2015

Interviews / Press

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Invited Judge on Delphian Open Call 2020, alongside Tabish Khan, Wingshan Smith, Kristin Hjellegjerde, Henrik Uldalen

Absinthe, Coveal Magazine, courtesy George Rouy and Jesse Pollock words Lara Monro, 2019

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