Rhiannon Rebecca Salisbury
lives and works in London


2016 - 2018 - Turps Banana: Studio Painter

                        Darbyshire Prize For Emerging Artist’s Recipient

2015 - 2016 - MAFA Chelsea College of Art

                        John Hoyland Scholarship Recipient

Solo Shows

Rhiannon Salisbury, Darbyshire Prize For Emerging Artsits, Darbyshire Ltd, London -  November  2018  

Accessorise With A Tiger, Arusha Gallery, Edinburgh - September 2018   

A Beginners Guide To Druid Mediatation, Punctum Space, Chelsea College of Art, London - November 2016

Selected Exhibitions

Delphian Open Call, Delphian Gallery, The Print Space, Kingsland Road - April 2019
ABSINTHE - curated by James Capper, Charlie Mills, and Billy Fraser - Spit & Sawdust, London - February 2019

Christmas Art Car Boot Fair, Turps Banana, London - December 2018

Small Is Beautiful, Flowers Gallery, London - November 2018

Paper Cuts - Curated by Kris Day - Saatchi Gallery, London - November 2018 

Young London Painters, Curated By Hector Campbell, Arthill Gallery, London - November 2018

New Work Part III: SUBJECT, COB Gallery, London - November 2018 

Extended Call Pt. 3
- Subsidary Projects, London - September 2018 

While Supplies Last, curated by Anthony White (Cultural Crisis), Gift Shop Gallery, International District Seattle, August 2018

Turps Leavers Show, Paul Stolper Gallery, London - August 2018

Extended Call II, The Parasite: Royal College of Art, London - September 2018   

Set 24, Turps Painters curated by Rhiannon Salisbury and Craig Lee, Newington Library The Art Academy, London - July 2018   

Artist Of The Day, Flowers Gallery: Selected By Phillip Allen, London - July 2018

Harbingers, Clerkenwell, London - May 2018

Art Car Boot Fair, Turps Banana, London 2017   

Creekside Open 2017: Selected by Jordan Baseman, A.P.T. Gallery, London 

Paper Cuts, Transition Gallery, London - November 2016 

MA Summer Show, Chelsea College of Arts, London - June 2016

Aqui y Alla, Cookhouse Gallery, Chelsea, London - April 2016

Panorama, Artist Residency  with Chelsea College of Art and Guadalajara University, led by George         Blacklock, Guadalajara University, Mexico - December 2015

Fly By the Seat of Your Pantsuit, Group Exhibition, Triangle Gallery, Chelsea College of Arts, London - September 2015

Prizes and Residencies

Delphian Open Call - Judge’s Pick, selected by Benjamin Murphy & Overall Winner - 2019

Tagsmart Open Call Winner - 2019

Darbyshire Prize For Emerging Art, Darbyshire & Turps Banana - 2018

Panorama, Selected to represent Chelsea College of Art by George Blacklock, Guadalajara, Mexico - 2016

John Hoyland Scholarship, Chelsea College of Art - 2015

Invited Artist at Rimbun Dahan, Kula Lumpar, Malyasia - 2014

Rome Program Art Scholarship, Rome - 2013

Interview with Hector Campbell in ‘ABSINTHE §1’ publication by Collective Ending, edited by Charlie Mills, published by Kronos Publishing and Elam Publishing, 2019

Press & Panels

How To Navigate The Art World, Panel Discussion at Delphian Gallery with Benjamin Murphy, Nick JS Thompson, Hector Campbell, & Rhiannon Salisbury. 02.04.19 
Glossy Alluring, in conversation with Rhiannon Salisbury, Editorial Feature on Eve Liebe Gallery. 18.03.2019

Featured Artist Interview on Young Space. 05.01.2019

Delphian Gallery: Hector Campbell ahead of his upcoming show. 19.11.2018

“Young London Painters” Curator Hector Campbell Interview’s Rhiannon Salisbury 15.11.2018

Wall Street International: New Work Part III 3 Oct — 3 Nov 2018 at the Cob Gallery in London, United Kingdom, 30.10.2018

FLOORR Magazine Issue 17: Rhiannon Rebecca Salisbury, interviewed by Issey Scott, 20.10.2018

The Edingburgh Reporter: Arusha Gallery: New Exhibitions, 01.09.2018

Hoyland Trust funds next generation of artists, 11.10.2018

Art Maze Magazine Autumn Issue 9
Curated Selection by Kim Savage, Founder and Director of FOLD Gallery London

GQ MAGAZINE: Early blue chip artists to invest in
The fresh young artists who show signs of possible linear or exponential re-sale growth. Invest in these UK artists for a chance of a good return

UAL SCHOLAR STORIES, video interview: Rhiannon Salisbury

Painters On Hoyland, John Hoyland, Colour, Emotion & Abstraction, Panel Discussion at Chelsea UAL between Dan Coombes, John Bunker & Rhiannon Salisbury. 2016

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contact: rhiannon.salisbury@gmail.com