Arusha Gallery


31st August 2022 - 02nd October 2022

The Greater Mysteries at Eleusis was celebrated annually in the month of Boedromion (September– October) – the very same time that Rhiannon Salisbury’s exhibition ‘Chthonia’ opens to public. May this celebration of art open paths for looking closely and attentively, for journeying and connecting, for reclaiming the vegetal and the feminist power seeping through the cracks in earth and through the cracks in paint alike. We often think the greatest possible achievement is to come up with everything ourselves, to be inventive and creative, to put our stamp on the world – artistic or otherwise. But there are those who consider that the greatest achievement is to listen, to bring into the world what no one else is able to hear, sense, and see. Into the humdrum of the ordinary existence artists like Rhiannon can bring something extraordinary and magical: not the kind of magic that might provide a short- lived sensorial escape from the tedium of existence, but a totally different kind, far more mysterious and infinitely more real.

– Aliya Say, 2022