“ATRAXIA”                                          The Room London

Benjamin Murphy + Rhiannon Salisbury


Ataraxia is a collaborative show between artists Benjamin Murphy and Rhiannon Salisbury in which every single work is theproduct of both minds working in tandem. The pair have both contributed to each piece in a process of alteration, disruption, andthe surrendering of control. The works are vibrant distortions that are more than the sum of their parts. Displaying hints at each artist’s individual works, this show is a culmination of a process that leads to the creation of an entirely new work that neither could have created alone .Many of the works are inspired by found imagery that has gone through multiple stages of distortion and dissolution until thefinal form is indistinguishable from its starting point. Each work depicts the liminal space between two polarities: they vibrate and dissolve whilst still retaining the fragile purity that is inherent in such delicate objects. There is a strong balance of rhythmic ab-stract mark making next to very figurative depictions of people, plants, and objects which all retain an intentional entropy.

All works are fraught with contradiction; containing beauty and chaos, fragility and power, purity and danger.